Adorn Product Actives

Plant Extract Complex

ADORN products: Milk Cleanser; Non-Alcohol toner; Cellulite gel; Clay mask; Massage medium

Moisturising active

  • Plays a part in maintaining water at the skin surface, in slowing down water evaporation from the stratum corneum area, as well as in the improvement of skin micro-circulation.
  • It also have protective properties against free radicals.
  • Skin moisturization – Arnica, Elder Tree, Mallow, Pellitory and Cucumber contain amino-acids and constituents of Natural Moisturizing Factor (N.M.F.)
  • They have a high ability to fix water and to hold it at the skin surface.
  • Polysaccharids, mineral salts and mainly potassium will maintain water in the stratum corneum.
  • Stimulation of micro-circulation - Flavonoids and phenolic compounds stimulate micro-circulation while tightening the tiny vessels.
  • Thus they will increase the moisture supply in the epidermis and prevent water loss.
  • Protection against free radicals - Flavonoids and phenolic derivatives have also anti-oxidant, free-radicals scavenging properties as well as soothing properties on inflammation.
  • In case of intense sun exposure, they will help natural scavenging systems of epidermis and will protect skin against elastase and collagenase, thus against its over aging.