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Epigenetic Technology Tetrapeptide

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Anti-ageing peptide

Innovative anti-aging tetrapeptide, designed using advanced molecular biology and inspired by epigenetic science, to boost the expression of clock genes. Chronogen may help boost DNA natural protection, that’s important during the day, and may help better DNA repair from UV damage.CLOCK (Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput) is a protein regulating circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythms:

Biological activities are scheduled around a 24-hour cycle. Each cell has it’s own clock.The circadian rhythm regulates critical functions such as cell regeneration and sleep-wake cycle. Regulatory functions can be significantly disrupted by many external factors. The “circadian” skin: following a day/night pattern. In-vivo results show that several biophysical and physiological parameters of human skin follow the circadian clock: Skin temperature, Sebum production, pH and Trans epidermal water loss(TEWL) Even small amounts of UV damage can result in disruption to the cells 24-hour cycle. Epigenetics involve modifications of the activation of certain genes, but not the basic structure of DNA. More than 20% of the gene expression in a given tissue is under circadian regulation.Clock genes are key regulators that play a central role in the epigenetic expression of many genes. 1% Epigenetic Technology in skin cream increased fibroblast forming with 23% after 6 hrs and stimulated keratinocytes by 41%. During the day 1% Epigenetic Technology protects the cells 78% more from DNA damage, and at night It helps the cells to repair 81% better from the damage. 1% Epigenetic Technology may also help to boost the skins natural protection from UV damage. It helps to enhances the formation of Collagen 3 in Fibroblasts.