Adorn Product Actives

Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum

ADORN Products: Hydrating Mask; Hydrating Moisturiser; Mouth & Eye Cream, Timeless Serum, Hydrating Night Cream, Neck and Bust Cream.

Moisturising active

  • Acts at two different levels to achieve a combined double effect on the stratum corneum
    • Immediate and long-lasting improvement of the moisturizing level of stratum corneum.
    • Regulation of desquamation that leads to a better appearance of skin.
  • This Spinosa Gum is a unique delivery system of hydrating agents into the stratum corneum, which results in a longer lasting moisturizing effect.
  • Novel moisturizing active compound that, because of its innovative structure and production technology, acts as a Delivery System of small molecules, resulting in a final combined moisturizing effect: immediate moisturizing and long-lasting moisturizing.
  • Its desquamation regulatory activity and cellular cohesion restoring properties make it suitable for formulations aimed at improving the skin appearance (smoother, finer, more flexible).